🌉Welcome to Trestle Protocol

Connecting projects and users of Ethereum to the Celestia ecosystem. One trestle at a time.


To connect the power of Celestia's modular blockchain network with projects and userbase of Ethereum. Trestle aims to not only create a functional bridge between the two chains, but to also supply Wrapped Tia (wTIA) to Ethereum users to allow for ease of purchase of TIA to a larger audience of users.

Trestle's long term vision is to become a roll-up chain and validator. Trestle Chain will be the first native TIA roll-up chain that leverages Celestia's DA. Our new chain will have TIA as it's central currency, allowing for a speculative market to be built on Trestle Chain, and will bring about larger TIA adoption and usage.

What is Celestia?

Celestia is a new revolutionary blockchain that allows for more freedom and sovereignity to it's dApp creators. Celestia changes the landscape for crypto projects by allowing them to choose the language they write their programming in. This structuring allows application creators to focus on logic of their apps, while Celestia handles consensus.

Key Products for Trestle Protocol

The key products for Trestle Protocol will revolve around bringing our $TRESTLE holders recurring value and revenue for holding and staking our token, while supporting the growth and decentralization of $TIA.

TIA Bridge

Trestle will create the first TIA bridge from ETH <> Celestia. Allowing for TIA to be available to a larger audience and also introducing $wTIA to the Ethereum Network. Trestle will charge a small service fee for each bridge and will build up revenue for the protocol and it's holders.

Wrapped TIA Payouts

$TRESTLE Holders will be able to participate in our staking pools to earn $wTIA. These pools have unique mechanisms that allows $TRESTLE to become deflationary, while rewarding loyal holders with wTIA, their APY is based on lock length.

TIA Launchpad and Token Bridge

Once initial bridge is built out and tested, the Trestle team will then collaborate with future TIA teams to raise funds, and market their projects on Ethereum to launch on the TIA network. We also can provide a bridge for tokens to migrate between ETH and TIA network so that teams can smoothly cross over with minimal impact to their communities.

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